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One Year in Business this month

When launching Plan B Fashions one year ago it was a total leap of faith.  For many years life was comfortable to work for a large corporation and help small to medium sized business owners build their business through effective advertising.  Starting a small business was a dream, but finding the right niche took a bit of soul searching.  Looking back to the year before Plan B it took a lot to prepare for this huge life change.  There were at least one hundred Bikram hot yoga sessions to relieve the day-to-day stress that had become  life.  The corporate job was so good in so many ways that it was hard to walk away from a very successful career.  

The Bikram hot yoga is what gave me the ability to "let go of the edge" and get in touch with my passion. (Thank you Katie Katzman, owner of Bikram Yoga Temecula). Fashion has always been my favorite hobby.  Shopping is my absolute favorite past time and my corporate job supplied me with the funds to shop.  It is a pleasure to be a true shopaholic and fashionista.  One day on the yoga mat  in deep meditation it dawned on me that opening a boutique would allow shopping for a living.  It was the perfect idea and after that everything fell into place very quickly.

One of the other ingredients is the support of my amazing husband and VP of Fabulous Barry.  This endeavor could not be possible without lots of support from my husband, friends, and family.  Granted the work load is non-stop, and all our cards are on the table.  

The statistics say that if you make it in your first year then a business has a good chance of survival.  All we can say about that is it takes lots of dedication, money, and prayer to survive in the business world.  My personal life has been sacrificed because of the workload.  You really find out who your real friends are when you take on a project like this because they stand by your side all the way no matter what.  

A few days after launching the website, leaving the job, and scouting locations every weekend we stumbled into Nicks Knacks to look for space in Old Town Temecula, our target location.  We met Shana Ackerman and secured our store location.  We moved in on November 1, 2013 and have grown into two floors and our office for Plan B Fashions growing online stores.  Shana Ackerman of Nicks Knacks is one of the most giving souls we have ever met.  She has helped us so much along the way and is much more than a landlord to Plan B.  

The birth of Plan B Fashions and execution is truly a labor of love and pursuit of providing our customers with the best  quality fashion at affordable prices.  There are many years of being a shopaholic, fashion buyer, marketing/advertising, promotion specialist, and business sense rolled into one to help others look and feel fabulous. This is Plan B Fashionista.

Thanks to all of our fabulous customers most of all because without you none of this is possible.  We value your loyalty to the brand and our goal is to make you look and feel fabulous both inside and outside of the store when you wear your Plan B Fashions.

See you all very soon in the store or online,


CEO of Fabulous


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